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by Kasey Salmi, 2008-07-28T13:17:43.000-07:00July 28 2008, at 01:17 PM PDT

Lisa G. and Kasey started the Learn To Play classes a few years back and got back into it this last January 2008 on a pretty much full time basis. A couple of other moms were invited, who in turn invited more moms. After there was about 5 of us out there every Saturday, we threw out the idea of getting jerseys with our kid’... [more]

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2008-12-10T19:09:22.000-08:00December 10 2008, at 07:09 PM PST, LeeAnna Williams said:

What time does our game start on Saturday? I know that the Coyotes game starts at like 7:00 or something but what time should you guys be expecting me?

2008-11-30T07:29:54.000-08:00November 30 2008, at 07:29 AM PST, Lisa Gregory said:

Congratulations Mother Puckers! We finally won!

And good luck to all the kids that are playing today :-)

2008-11-29T09:13:37.000-08:00November 29 2008, at 09:13 AM PST, Lisa Gregory said:

MP/TW get together after game - will be potluck style (something easy/some sorta snack)so bring whatever you like. Daryl at the Icehouse Tavern is allowing us to bring in our food before our game.

For those of you not skating with us, we would love to have you out there to cheer us on and mingle afterwards!

Can't wait! Go MotherPuckers!

2008-11-24T20:13:24.000-08:00November 24 2008, at 08:13 PM PST, Shelly Pattison said:

Ok is the word from the doc...

I have completed the medical hat trick. Broken (acute impaction fracture of the greater tuberosity) sprained (moderate sprain of the supraspinatus tendon) and torn (posterosuperior glenoid labral tear)...

Good surgery. But it seems I won't be playing hockey until after the first of the year. I am really sorry. I will be cheering you on from the bench!

You know...if I had known that I even had a greater tuberosity..I sure as heck would have taken better care of it!


2008-11-19T09:36:42.000-08:00November 19 2008, at 09:36 AM PST, Lisa Gregory said:

MP Bling Shirt - I ordered a medium that fits a little big so I re-ordered a small. If anyone would like to buy my medium, let me know. It's the grey long-sleeved shirt.

2008-11-03T04:38:11.000-08:00November 03 2008, at 04:38 AM PST, Michelle Ellashek said:

What time are you thinking on the 29th? :)


2008-10-28T16:14:45.000-07:00October 28 2008, at 04:14 PM PDT, Lisa Gregory said:


Nov 29th Coed Game -

Adults only, no kids. If your spouse or significant other would like to participate, please let me know. They must be USAH registered.

Don't forget, there's practice this Saturday night! As it is getting closer to our Dec. 13th game, we will be focusing more on our game and not so much drills. So please make an effort to attend practice. See you all there!

2008-10-27T20:02:15.000-07:00October 27 2008, at 08:02 PM PDT, LeeAnna Williams said:

I guess I will sign in now considering I really don't have much of a choice unless we can throw my dad in the goal and I can skate. That might be cool. He can stop A LOT more shots than I can, lol.


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